Innovation and time-to-market

The telecommunications market is undergoing a transformation that requires speed of execution and time to market. The focus of many companies in the sector is on innovative services with high added value.
Products designed to cover and protect all household appliances and high-tech devices for the whole family:

  • Extendy: a truly comprehensive policy to “protect" all of the family's devices, from small to large appliances, from photo and video devices to printers, notebooks and scanners up to PCs, tablets and smartphones (repair or replacement).
  • ProTechT: a policy for comprehensive coverage in the event of breakdown, accidental damage or theft of new or used high-tech devices.

Designing services to help your customers with their new technologies’ adoption

AXA Partners guarantees immediate intervention, free of charge and with selected, highly qualified technicians.

In case of serious and unforeseen events a concrete support to help sustain financial commitments while ensuring the maintenance of the usual lifestyle.

In case of health emergencies AXA Partners provides a network of qualified and specialized doctors, able to provide concrete and immediate support in case of need: from emergency medical assistance to home care, from televideo consultation (also for our 4-legged friends) to Second Medical Opinion.

In case of serious events and unexpected events during a trip (for pleasure, work or study), a concrete support to find the best health solutions in Italy and abroad.

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