We offer excellent services thanks to a high added value network

The high quality of our services is made possible by thorough document checks and onsite audits during provider selection. Our network must be in line with the required SLAs.

Relies on qualified professionals, and companies of proven reliability, of which they are proprietors which guarantees further trust and engagement. We sponsor a cutting-edge and flexible assistance model, which can be easily customized according to customer's needs. We have a extensive presence throughout the Italian territory, are able to intervene anytime and anywhere easily even abroad, thanks to the worldwide Network of the AXA Group.

Medici che scrivono su cartelle e pc

We are addressing professionals from all sectors

We address professionals form all sectors

We operate in an increasingly complex reality, where the set-up  of a long lasting, durable and reciprocal satisfying relations are the key to creating customer loyalty.

Our providers thus must have It is extremely important to maintain constant high level Our provider must therefore guarantee high standards and prerequisites to become part of our team.

Emergency intervention team higlhly qualified and equipped with the appropriate professional tools for all types of vehicles (even electric) and a network of trustworthy crafstmen to rapidly intervene and restore the security and comfort of the home. In addition, we keep a constant eye on consumer electronics through a specialized network for repair o replacement of the damaged device.

The search usually focuses on specific areas:

    A highly qualified intervention team equipped with the appropriate technical tools for all types of vehicles (including electric vehicles) and a network of reliable and rapid craftsmen to restore comfort and safety to your home. We also keep a constant eye on consumer electronics through service networks for the repair or replacement of damaged equipment.
    In-house doctors and nurses and a world-leading network of medical and veterinary service providers.

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