A concrete help in time of need

A water leakage, a clogged sink, a malfunctioning boiler or air conditioner, problems with the alarm, the front door or windows....are just some of the most common inconveniences that can happen in everyday life. We help you take care of your customers' comfort and safety by supporting them with highly qualified exper

  • +10,000

    +10,000providers in 22 countries

    covering all areas of intervention including plumbing, electricity, heating and locksmiths*.
    *AXA Partners’ Business Partners Satisfaction Survey B-Pulse, Dec. 2020

  • +1.3


    cases handled worldwide*.
    *AXA Partners’ Business Partners Satisfaction Survey B-Pulse, Dec. 2020

  • <2 hours

    <2 hoursthe average time

    it takes for a provider to arrive at the premises to end the emergency situation*.
    AXA Partners’ Business Partners Satisfaction Survey B-Pulse, Dec. 2020

Since 2020, Home services are at the forefront of customers’ needs

In the current environment, people are spending much more time in their homes (working, retiring...) and consumption of Home Services is strongly increasing.
We have invested heavily in offering customers solutions to meet their needs:

  • An enriched and comprehensive value proposition from emergency to day to day home services
  • A trusted network of accredited craftsmen
  • State of the art 24/7 operations

Our home solutions range from heating, boiler, plumbing, gas, electricity to new innovative services such as solar panel assistance, electrical vehicles’ charging station installation, or breakdown assistance.

Staying one step ahead in a changing world

With the development of remote working and connected objects (sensors, smart speakers), customers today are facing new emerging needs (well-being at home, energy management, green eco-friendly products/solutions…). We are pioneer in today’s fast-changing world, delivering new solutions in fully automatized and digitalized ways to answer customer expectations and to help enhance loyalty.
Our DNA is to meet customers’ new expectations with innovation and enriched value propositions.

Donna con device

Combining high-quality emergency and comfort services

Offering 24/7 services to your customers, to answer their new emerging needs.

Leveraging Innovation to deliver customer centric solutions

  • We addresses new customer needs with simplified, personalized, and seamless experiences.
  • We provide digitalized and automatized solutions to deliver a state of the art 24/7 customer experience.
  • We constantly enrich our offers with emergency and non-emergency solutions to ensure customers will be served in any circumstances.
  • Our capabilities could give us the flexibility to consider developing new services customers could expect.
  • In line with our policy of “One AXA” and “Customer First,” we design our services to be simple, rapid, and intuitive.

Interested in finding solutions for your customers’ home?
Whether you are a service provider, a broker or an international corporation, AXA Partners can help you protect the lives of your customer.

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