We offer a consultation by medical excellence

When a serious illness or rare condition is diagnosed, or when a complicated surgery or a troublesome treatment is recommended, people seek confirmation of the diagnosis and the proposed treatment. Are there possible alternatives? Or an innovative treatment? AXA Partners can offer your clients access to a unique network of world-leading medical experts in order to obtain a second medical opinio

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Allows you to make the right choice for your customer

Whether you have unanswered questions or need some reassurance about your treatment pathway, the comfort of a second opinion on your health status is essential. A doctor will guide you through the whole process, offering support and answering any questions you may have. It does not mean choosing between two different options: sometimes it is just a confirmation of the value and effectiveness of the treatment plan already adopted. Getting a second opinion can be life-changing and requires little effort.

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Oncology Care, an offer for patients with advanced and/or metastatic tumours

Today, cancer continues to be one of the main causes of mortality in Italy and Europe, second only to cardiovascular diseases. Every day in Italy about 1,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed: about one in two men and one in three women risk falling ill with cancer during their lifetime. For this reason AXA Partners has decided to make available to its clients the coverage of the costs related to the services of Foundation Medicine (a company of the Roche group), thanks to a policy that provides the Advanced Second Medical Opinion.

An Innovative way

Policyholders will be able to access Foundation Medicine's genomic profiling services through their GP. These services use innovative NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technologies and are able to provide detailed information on genomic alterations detected in solid tumours, associated with possible therapies available or in trials.

Ensuring personalised healthcare

The difficulties that patients and their families face in managing their daily activities and the feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability caused by the disease are a constant. In this regard, AXA Partners, in order to meet the needs of its clients, provides with its health policies a wide range of 24/7 health and assistance services: from emergency medical assistance to home health and non-medical assistance, from emotional support in oncology and digital management of the treatment plan, to the scheduled medical transfer in Italy to follow the medical treatment.

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Winners of the International EFMA-Accenture Innovation Insurance Awards 2019

AXA Partners Italia wins the "Silver" award at the International EFMA-Accenture Innovation Insurance Awards 2019 in the "Product & Service Innovation" category, with the product "BeLive - Cancer Genomic Profiling", developed in close collaboration with Roche Foundation Medicine.

The solution provides patients with the possibility of benefiting from one of the most advanced diagnostic tests currently available in the oncology field, which, by analysing genomic mutations, paves the way for a personalised therapeutic approach. The policy also offers a range of 24/7 health and care services: from emergency medical assistance to home care, from the medical support of a team of specialists to teleconsultation and unlimited access to AXA Partners network facilities.

Are you interested in finding health solutions for your customers? Whether you are a service provider, a broker or an international company, AXA Partners has a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.