A doctor at your side anytime, anywhere

Confronting health problems while travelling or when your trusted doctor is not available can be extremely stressful: not speaking the language, not knowing how to access appropriate medical care and being uncertain about the cost and effectiveness of treatment can be a traumatic experience. AXA Partners can offer convenient, digital access to all your clients. The My Doctor App addresses the need for medical consultations on the move (e.g. when travelling) or simply when time is short.

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A team of health professionals and specialists

Teleconsultation provides the Insured with an entire medical team of specialists on whom he can rely. Via phone or video call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the doctor can issue prescriptions which are forwarded to the nearest pharmacy. An added value to your traditional medical assistance package, which allows you to build customer loyalty through greater satisfaction and diversification of the offer proposed. Furthermore, at a delicate time like the one we are going through, reducing travel is certainly important.

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We help to safeguard health

Thanks to this service, you will be able to get in touch by phone or video with AXA Partners doctors for a consultation on your health status, directly from home. The consultation can take place with a general practitioner or specialists such as a cardiologist, orthopedist, gynecologist or pulmonologist. A phone or video call consultation with a psychologist is also available during office hours.

Medical prescription

Following a medical consultation, you can use the prescription service for medicines, specialist visits or diagnostic tests on a blank prescription. You can pick up the prescribed medicine at your nearest pharmacy or choose to have it sent directly to your home.

A range of unique advantages

The serenity of receiving answers quickly is combined with a simple and secure digital experience, thanks to the My Doctor app which will also allow the secure transmission of your medical data.

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Are you interested in finding health solutions for your customers? Whether you are a service provider, a broker or an international company, AXA Partners has a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.