New insurance services that complement traditional insurance cover

The "One AXA" core value allows us to work as one team with all the different entities around the world. This allows us to keep an eye on new trends, such as the growing demand for telemedicine, and to build products adapted to new customer needs.

  • 85%

    85%of respondents

    showed a high willingness to purchase health assisting services (GN Research)

  • +59%

    +59%of respondents

    were interested and willing to pay for innovative Health services like video-consultation with specialist doctors and personalized check-up (Praxidia Research)

  • 75%

    75%of respondents

    would feel safer if provided with connected devices allowing them to contact doctors in case of need.

Designing a distinctive proposition to meet evolving healthcare needs

With the reduction in the number of general practitioners, the average waiting time for an appointment has soared to 54 days, compared with 43 in 2014. Our market research showed that there was a huge unmet need, with consumers demanding technology-driven solutions: 66% of respondents said they would switch insurance for a company offering innovative services.

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Supporting AXA Italia in its Health business 

Soluzioni Salute was an important step in positioning AXA Italia in the strategic healthcare market. By leveraging innovation and technology – including artificial intelligence - for this distinctive new personalized offer, we hit new target segments and attracted new clients. Services include 24/7 medical teleconsultations with general practitioners, remote delivery of prescriptions to the pharmacy of choice, home delivery of prescription drugs, and health and wellbeing home services such as nursing, caregiving, physiotherapy, or babysitting. The offer has allowed AXA Italy to re-invent the customer experience and positioned the company as a leading partner in its health market.

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Compensated for innovation

The launch of Soluzioni Salute has been a rousing success for AXA Italia, with 30,000 policies sold in the first year, a 40% increase in new AXA Health customers, and a 25% penetration into the Health customer base. Soluzioni Salute received wide media coverage and was granted the first prize for innovation in health and wellbeing by the 2019 Italian Financial Innovation Awards.

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