A shift to a more holistic mobility protection

Today your customers’ mobility takes many forms. We get it. Mobility – especially motor - is one of the most innovative, fast-evolving sectors there is. Over the years cars have evolved; today they are connected to ecosystems that include networks, satellites, and manufacturers. They also embed a lot of telematics and data. As a consequence, our business partners have been looking for more than just insurance partners coverage for different mobilities. They are looking for telematics specialists able to manage new evolutions like e-calls and b-calls and information systems embedded in all types of vehicles.
AXA Partners has long understood the need to integrate insurance roadside assistance and telematics to ensure a holistic approach to mobility protection. We have a proven track record in Roadside Assistance, and now we offer new mobility solutions such as e-bike assistance and GAP assistance in case of loss or theft. But we are not limited to this, we constantly go further in offering new solutions. This way your customers can enjoy freedom of the road while you grow loyalty to your brand.

  • 16,000

    16,000automotive professionals worldwide

    in our network

  • 20


    response rate in 95% of calls for roadside assistance

  • 2


    average time to process a claim’s request

Assistance is in our DNA

Whatever the means of transport AXA Partners is at your side to ensure full mobility in any circumstance.
In case of mechanical/electrical failure, accident, tyre puncture, fire/theft or battery, we guarantee comprehensive assistance to all types of vehicles (including electric vehicles) with innovative and unique solutions.

  • eRescue to manage roadside assistance in a fully digital and autonomous way.
  • Here with you for real-time monitoring of the tow truck arrival time and many other solutions to be close to your customers when needed.

360° assistance

Our mobility services provide protection not only for classic thermal cars but also for electric vehicles, be they cars, e-bikes, moped or scooters. We have developed targeted services for these new and increasingly used means of transport. From the reimbursement of the charging cable in case of theft to vehicle transportation in case of breakdown of the Wallbox, to the installation and maintenance of the charging station. AXA Partners thanks to its wide range of network providers, is able to protect a vehicle whatever problem occurs. This way we go beyond basic breakdown assistance. Our new mobility services provide protection when your customers rent an e-bike, drive an electric vehicle or a scooter or share a car. These include advanced digital services, such as our online recovering tracking tool, “Here with you.”

Ragazzo con monopattino

Working towards a greener future

The industrial transition and the even more broader mobility revolution in the automotive sector have increased awareness towards environmental impact.
To support the environment and contribute to the reduction of pollution, AXA Partners for a long time has been strongly supporting green technologies through the development of specific insurance products and services. InCarica is the new product which includes a series of exclusive services designed specifically for those that have transitioned to the use electric cars: from alternative transport services, in the event of technical or mechanical problems, to on-site charging of the vehicle or towing to the first available charging station, or even sending a technician to repair the Wallbox installed at your home.
A truly complete set of services to make mobility secure and worry-free, because protecting the environment is a duty, but being assisted in a correct way is a right!

Stéphane Coulot

CEO AXA Partners Italia

The market is shifting towards increasingly less polluting means of transport, thanks to electric cars. We are always searching for and providing a strong value proposition to our customers. We believe in the sharing economy, in all that enables us to maximise the use of consumer goods, not only preventing the waste of resources but also boosting their efficient use.

Interested in finding solutions for your customers’ mobility?
Whether you are a service provider, a broker or an international corporation, AXA Partners can help you protect the lives of your customer.

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