Very competitive market

The process of liberalizing the energy and gas market, launched in 1999 with the "Bersani Decree", allows customers to choose the best energy proposal on the market. 2023 will mark the end of the captive market.
In a highly competitive environment, utilities are looking for ways to retain their customers and acquire new ones.

AXA Partners develops innovative solutions to make a difference

AXA Partners is developing increasingly digital and innovative services to meet new customer needs.
These services can be distributed either in an "inclusive" mode for customer loyalty/retention campaigns, or in an "optional" mode, sold on a partner's customer base, in combination with the subscription of an energy or gas contract.

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360° assistance to protect your home

A gas leak, a short circuit, a water leak, a clogged sink, a malfunctioning boiler or air conditioner, problems with the alarm, the front door or the windows and doors....are just some of the most common inconveniences that can occur in everyday life. AXA Partners guarantees an immediate intervention, free of charge with selected and highly qualified technicians.

Other services to retain and acquire new customers

In case of serious and unforeseen events, a concrete support to help sustain financial commitments while ensuring the maintenance of the usual lifestyle.

In case of health emergencies AXA Partners provides a network of qualified and specialized doctors able to provide concrete and immediate support in case of need: from emergency medical assistance to home care, from televideo consultation (also for our 4-legged friends) to Second Medical Opinion.

In case of disputes in everyday life AXA Partners provides and professionals who are able, not only to support and advise, but also to concretely protect rights in every field: from family to condominium, from businesses to professionals.

Ready to start?

Whatever your needs, AXA Partners has a wide range of solutions to meet them.

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